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Repair and Upgrade

At La Conner Maritime, we like to make good boats better. Our project experience ranges from simple to complex, and includes many custom solutions for a variety of needs. Whether it’s a cosmetic gel coat or structural fiberglass repair, we are ready to help!


We have a variety of indoor and covered workspaces for controlled environments, to ensure the quality of your finished project is top notch. Our boat repair technicians are skilled in various composite materials and processes and take pride in producing quality work.

Structural Fiberglass

Our past projects include a variety of structural repairs, modifications, and even new construction of commercial fishing boats. We have repaired hulls from collisions and groundings, installed stern and bow thrusters, and replaced rotten deck cores. We have also remodeled cabinets and turned them into comfortable bench seats with enlarged deck space. Share your ideas with us and we’ll see how we can help!

Topside Repairs and Painting

If your boat is in need of gelcoat repairs, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians can repair blemishes and match gelcoat to keep your vessel looking sharp! Contact Us Today! 

A repair is only as good as what’s underneath it, so we look for any underlying causes that need to be addressed. Lack of substrate structure can result in flexing and surface finish cracking. This can lead to water intrusion and further damage to structure and finish, so it should be remedied as soon as reasonably possible.

We also have experience applying linear polyurethane (LPU) paint for the ultimate in appearance and reduced maintenance. If you’re ready to upgrade your boat’s look, ask about what options might be right for you. We commonly use Alexseal branded top coat products, but are also familiar with AWLGrip, AWLCraft, Sterling and many others on the market.

Some of our Repair and Upgrade services include:

  • Brightwork and varnish
  • Bow and stern thruster installation
  • Blister repair
  • Custom hard tops
  • Swim platform modifications and additions

Corrosion Repair

Salt water and the marine environment is hard on your boat. Corrosion is something all boaters deal with at one time or another, whether on your deck hardware, hull or engine. Here at La Conner Maritime we have encountered many different situations where corrosion has caused significant damage to vessels, including hull plating on aluminum boats. Welding isn’t always an option depending on base metal thickness and condition. We have successfully repaired many boats with hull corrosion using a variety of processes and materials, including high-strength epoxy adhesives.

Commercial Fishing Vessel Repair and Refit

Our experience in Bristol Bay and other commercial fishing vessel work is extensive. Fiberglass or aluminum, if your boat is aging and in need of a refresh, or is a newer boat and needs repairs, we can help. We are experienced working with insurance companies, and can help you navigate the claim process.

Common projects we are involved with include:

  • Engine repower / replacement
  • Hydraulic system upgrade and repair
  • Deck gear repair and replacement
  • Fish hold insulation replacement
  • Flush deck conversion
  • Tophouse installation
  • Interior refits

Commercial Fishing Vessel New Construction

We have access to molds and tooling for several proven fiberglass commercial fishing vessel models. These include the popular 32’ Buffalo crabber hull used extensively in Puget Sound and along the west coast from California to Alaska, as well as our own 32’x14’, 39’x14’ and 49’x18’ gillnet, crabber and seiner models. If you are interested in discussing a new construction vessel, please contact us.

Welding, Machine and Metal Fabrication Shop

La Conner Maritime Service capabilities include a metal fabrication and machine shop. In addition to manufacturing our own line of commercial fishing equipment, we can perform a variety of welding and machining tasks, and custom fabrication projects. This work is mostly performed at our shop location in West Mount Vernon, and as needed onsite in our La Conner repair yard. This shop also performs a variety of trailer maintenance work, including boat trailer brakes and bearings.


La Conner Maritime Service manufactures the Hide-A-Davit dinghy tender and retrieval system. This transom mounted davit is a great solution for keeping your tender ready to use without the tangle of hardware and lines on your swim platform that other systems have. Find out more about the system here.

We look forward to serving you!