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Dry Boat

Valet Storage

Our Dry Boat services yard offers valet storage for vessels up to 30’ long and 9,500 pounds and under. We offer options for storage-only, or storage + valet, which gives you access to unlimited hauls and launches. This is the ultimate option to enjoy the benefits – including reduced maintenance – of storing your boat out of the water, but having easy access to it when you’re ready to go.

Within the Dry Boat storage yard are wash racks available for maintenance and boat cleaning tasks. Please coordinate use of these with the person handling your scheduling.

La Conner Maritime Service operates under a Washington State Department of Ecology Boatyard permit, and as such has strict stormwater quality rules that must be followed by all who are on the premises. This includes mandatory Best Management Practices (BMPs) that all entering the yard are required to follow. Violations of BMPs may result in fines.

All launches and haul-outs need to be arranged in advance. We will move your boat from its assigned cradle to the water, where it will be securely tied and awaiting your arrival.

Weekend launches and haul-outs are available beginning Memorial Day weekend, and continuing through to Labor Day weekend. Please call the La Conner Maritime main office to inquire about availability, and to schedule all boat movements: (360) 466-3629

When you return from using your vessel during or after hours, simply moor it to our staging dock, and we’ll haul it out based on your scheduled time. Depending on your arrival and scheduled haul time, your boat may remain in the water overnight. Please secure all belongings and valuables.

Contact Us To Schedule!

Our Dry Boat facility can accommodate launches and haul-outs from/to trailers. Please call the main office to schedule.