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Boatyard Services

La Conner Maritime offers a variety of boat yard services to help make your trip to the yard as efficient as possible. From a simple haul and hang for survey, to bottom paint and zinc renewal, to complete sub-hull strip and recoat, we’ve got you covered.

Haul Out

Our haul out capabilities include two Marine Travel Lifts, with 50 and 110 ton capacities, and a pier that can accommodate up to 24’-6” vessel beam. We have two travel lift slips and wash pads that can be used independently, maximizing efficiency and boat moving capacity. You will be directed which slip to use, and each slip is clearly marked. Both slips have floating docks to tie off and disembark your vessel prior to it being lifted out of the water.

Bottom Painting

Our standard bottom paint prep includes high-pressure washing to remove marine life, including barnacle bases, and loose paint. Extra prep is used when needed. Your boat is then blocked up, allowed to dry for a period, and carefully masked in preparation for paint application. We are a premium Seahawk Yacht Coatings dealer and will ensure the coatings used by our skilled bottom painters are compatible with your existing paint.

General Storage

La Conner Maritime offers a variety of storage options for your vessel for short or long term. Our long term storage rates apply for a minimum commitment of three months. Power is available in most areas of the yard. During long-term storage of vessels shrink wrapping is available to provide exceptional protection from the elements.

Working Yard

Our work yard provides space for active work on vessels to take place, including approved DIY projects on a case-by-case basis. We have an on-site store stocked with common items you might need to perform vessel maintenance tasks. Utilities provided at nominal fees include power, water, and air.

Note that some areas of our facility are for storage only, and no vessel work is allowed. If your vessel is in a designated storage area, you will need to arrange to have it moved to the working yard for work to be performed. Please inquire with the yard manager for more info.

La Conner Maritime Service operates under a Washington State Department of Ecology Boatyard permit, and as such has strict stormwater quality rules that must be followed by all who are on the premises. This includes mandatory Best Management Practices (BMPs) that all entering the yard are required to follow. Violations of BMPs may result in fines.

Dry Boat Storage Facility

For more info on our valet moorage options for boats up to 30’ long and 10,000 pounds and under.

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