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La Conner Maritime Service


La Conner Maritime is a full service boatyard offering professional solutions for your boat repair and maintenance needs. From a simple haul and hang for survey, to a routine bottom paint, or an in-depth mechanical overhaul, we have solutions for you. We are the go-to yard for yacht brokers, recreational boat owners, commercial fisherman and others.

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Doug BenjaminDoug Benjamin
22:47 26 May 23
Luke SylviaLuke Sylvia
02:17 04 May 23
Samuel ShipleySamuel Shipley
20:09 13 Mar 23
Customer for life! Not enough can be said about the quality of the people, the property and the equipment at La Conner Maritime. End of last year (2022) I was 3 hours into a boating trip that embarked the day after Christmas with the destination of the San Juan's and ended up taking on a log that was just under the surface of the water new Strawberry Point. With vibrations above RPM, La Conner was our layover to cross load to a vessel that was following us and continue North leaving my boat behind. Turns out all 3 boats in our party needed maintenance and we decided to stay in La Conner till morning. I was able to leave a message for La Conner Maritime who was the ONLY business in the area that called me back the following day. They told me they had a slot in the afternoon that they could do a haul out. They ended up calling me earlier and telling me they could get me in sooner so I loaded up my crew and we putted into the stall where 5 gentlemen were waiting and guided me in like absolute pros. Marco and his team were extremely helpful. They gave clear and concise instructions and took absolute care with my vessel. They hauled me out, me and my team assessed damage & banged on a new wheel and they dropped me back in in less than 45min and we made Sucia for an unforgettable week long trip. Could not have done it without their team. On top of that, their systems were down due to the storm and flooding in town so they actually let me go without paying, to follow up on our return trip through. They get people and that's how they get and retain their customers. Eternally grateful for this business, its services, and the salt of the earth people that work there. I am a LaConner Maritime customer for life and will be seeking out their services when needing any haul out work done. Thank LMS, #BoatLife is a happy client.
Marcus SanchezMarcus Sanchez
15:43 09 Nov 22
Great People!
steve finlansteve finlan
22:25 20 Oct 22
Michael AsburyMichael Asbury
02:03 30 Jun 22
Great guys. Mostly young and energetic but not too young. Quality work at a fair price, as well as accommodating. Very busy, but if you plan ahead, I think you will be very pleased with their operation.
Mark LevinsonMark Levinson
21:19 15 Feb 22
I just had the Hide-A-Davit installed. 5 Stars—Worth every $ — Excellent. The best hydraulic davit out there !! Easy to deploy and retrieve tender in 30 secs or less with push button remote control. Ideal solution to keep my new RIB horizontal despite my tiny (24” wide) swim step. After retrieval, the tender tucks in over top of the swim step (to save LOA) while still allowing full access to either side of swimstep during docking (by lowering davit part way).The backstory: Ten years ago I purchased a 38 foot Tri-Cabin Trawler for cruising Puget Sound. It came with a 10 ft Livingston hard shell and 5 HP outboard on a rotating transom mount using Weaver snap davits to secure onto the 24” deep swim step. It was a pain to deploy/retrieve, requiring I stand on the swimstep to manually rotate the outboard 90 degrees while simultaneously lifting the tender with an electric winch and cable. The snap davits were sometimes difficult to release during launching, making it unreliable in an emergency situation.My goal was to upgrade to a larger tender which would be a safe life-raft when my family was onboard. Thus, it was important to have a quick and easy launch that anyone onboard could perform. Over the last 7+ years I have watched and compared every davit system out there that could handle a 400-500 pound RIB (cradles, winches, lifts, hydraulics, etc) and watched all the online videos I could find. I kept a checklist of the features I wanted and no other system provided everything I needed except the Hide-A-Davit. I had mine Installed by the pros who developed it at LaConner Maritime. My new tender (12 ft Highfield aluminum bottom RIB, 20HP Honda, center console, on-board gas can) rests horizontally on the Hide-a-Davit and deploys/retrieves in seconds with the touch of a button. The davit is well engineered, strong and stable. Fantastic addition to my yachting experience. I will now be able to explore and enjoy the waterways while anchored out, and have a much larger margin of safety for everyone on board. My thanks to Isaac, Mark, and the whole crew at LaConner Maritime for this great design and professional installation.
BoatGuyBill NiemanBoatGuyBill Nieman
01:21 09 Dec 20
Randy and Mark and everyone in the crew really treated us well over the last week. We had a lot of dry dock maintenance done. And despite the multi-layered complexity, all was calm, cool, collected & efficient. Thanks everyone for your professionalism!
dan wickdan wick
03:50 06 Dec 18
very friendly, professional and knowledgeable service staff. Reasonable shop rates and quality work. clean and well-maintained yard. A good spot for all your boating service needs.

See why La Conner Maritime has successfully been building relationships of trust with boaters for over 40 years!


Some of the services we offer include:

Haul out to 110 tons and 24’ beam

Bottom painting & sandblasting

Long-term storage

Valet storage for powerboats up to 8,500 lbs

Mechanical service, repairs and overhauls

Top side painting and custom fiberglass work

Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop

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Having your boat in the yard isn’t as much fun as being on the water, but we believe it can be a close second! We are really in the people business, but know a lot about boats.